Don’t Sweat It

Don't-Sweat-It---Toronto---June-2015 © 2015 Jorge. All rights reserved.

A few years ago, on my way to pick up my daughter from school, I spotted a strange sight in the school’s front garden: green bees. I thought that this was some secret government plot to take over the world … Continue reading


Moon - Toronto - February 2014 (8x10) © 2015 Jorge. All rights reserved.

A friend of mine in the neighbourhood brought my attention to the fabled “supermoon” last summer. Since that time, I have been struggling to capture a decent image of the Earth’s tag-along. I began with images of the full moon – but … Continue reading

Landing Pad

Landing Pad - Belleville - August 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

Macro shots are always fascinating as they really show things that we don’t normally see due to their small size. I was North of Belleville and taking photos in a beautiful garden, trying to capture bees and dragonflies. In my … Continue reading


Humm-Zinger - Kaladar - August 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

Last year, I took a few photos of hummingbirds at a resort in Algonquin Park. While they were all right, I wasn’t particularly happy with them, since my goal was to get a nice, sharp image of the bird with … Continue reading

Lightly Perched

Lightly Perched - Algonquin Park - July 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

My two girls and I decided to hike one of our favourite trails in Algonquin Park: the Centennial Ridges Trail. It’s a fairly long and challenging hike (approximately 10K) which reaches a beautiful lookout over Whitefish Lake. Along one point … Continue reading

Taste Test

Taste Test - Algonquin Park - July 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

I hadn’t hiked the Beaver Pond Trail in Algonquin Park for quite some time, so when my wife agreed to this trail as our destination for a quick hike before meeting up with friends, I was interested to see what had changed. … Continue reading

Mind Yourself

Mind Yourself - Algonquin Park - July 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

In Algonquin Park this year, there were a family of loons on Canisbay Lake. My wife and I paddled in close to observe them and then went back to shore. Of course, I had forgotten to bring my camera with … Continue reading


Pals - Toronto - June 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

It’s always nice to see kids that are great friends. This image was captured at a neighbourhood fun fair where all of the kids were having a great time. I managed to catch these two young ladies and asked their … Continue reading

We Mean Business

We Mean Business - Georgetown - June 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

At a recent family photo shoot, I sought to duplicate an image that I had created at a wedding a number of years ago. The lighting was different, as were the ages of the folks involved. The idea was for … Continue reading


Ladybug - Toronto - May 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

I captured this image shortly after I received a new lens for my birthday. Ladybugs are always a striking target, with their bright shells and the various markings on their backs and faces. While I would love to do this over … Continue reading

The Truest Smile

The Truest Smile - Toronto - March 2013 © 2013 Jorge. All rights reserved.

One of the best things about shooting weddings is to get in close and see the faces of the bride and groom. It’s almost as if the entire room disappears for them for a minute – and this allows them … Continue reading

Art Imitates Life

Art Imitates Life - San Francisco - September 2012 © 2012 Jorge. All rights reserved.

I have always loved spiders and their webs. On top of the incredible properties of spider’s silk, the design of the webs is elegant and beautiful. I captured this image at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in … Continue reading