Yellow on Yellow

Yellow-on-Yellow---Toronto---July-2015 © 2015 Jorge. All rights reserved.

The garden in front of my house attracts all kinds of pollen-gatherers. While my ongoing quest to capture a European Wool Carder on film is still not complete, there are other great opportunities that are constantly presenting themselves. This hover … Continue reading

Canisbay Silhouette

Canisbay-Silhouette---Algonquin-Park---July-2015 © 2015 Jorge. All rights reserved.

Astrophotography is definitely not my strong suit. I took a number of photos last year, and only one of them really turned out the way I wanted it to. Attaining a crisp image is challenging because keeping the exposure too … Continue reading

At the Ready

At-the-Ready---Essex---July-2015 © 2015 Jorge. All rights reserved.

During a weekend near Essex, we visited the home of some friends who had an amazing garden in their backyard. A good rule of thumb: where there are beautiful gardens, there are also usually beautiful insects. A cursory inspection wasn’t … Continue reading

Don’t Sweat It

Don't-Sweat-It---Toronto---June-2015 © 2015 Jorge. All rights reserved.

A few years ago, on my way to pick up my daughter from school, I spotted a strange sight in the school’s front garden: green bees. I thought that this was some secret government plot to take over the world … Continue reading

On the Ball

On-the-Ball © 2015 Jorge. All rights reserved.

Watching your kids play sports is awesome; you get to see how their skills develop and how the games affect their personalities. I find it neat how kids seem to have much more fun than adults playing the same game … Continue reading


Moon - Toronto - February 2014 (8x10) © 2015 Jorge. All rights reserved.

A friend of mine in the neighbourhood brought my attention to the fabled “supermoon” last summer. Since that time, I have been struggling to capture a decent image of the Earth’s tag-along. I began with images of the full moon – but … Continue reading

Landing Pad

Landing Pad - Belleville - August 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

Macro shots are always fascinating as they really show things that we don’t normally see due to their small size. I was North of Belleville and taking photos in a beautiful garden, trying to capture bees and dragonflies. In my … Continue reading


Humm-Zinger - Kaladar - August 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

Last year, I took a few photos of hummingbirds at a resort in Algonquin Park. While they were all right, I wasn’t particularly happy with them, since my goal was to get a nice, sharp image of the bird with … Continue reading

Lightly Perched

Lightly Perched - Algonquin Park - July 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

My two girls and I decided to hike one of our favourite trails in Algonquin Park: the Centennial Ridges Trail. It’s a fairly long and challenging hike (approximately 10K) which reaches a beautiful lookout over Whitefish Lake. Along one point … Continue reading

Taste Test

Taste Test - Algonquin Park - July 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

I hadn’t hiked the Beaver Pond Trail in Algonquin Park for quite some time, so when my wife agreed to this trail as our destination for a quick hike before meeting up with friends, I was interested to see what had changed. … Continue reading

Mind Yourself

Mind Yourself - Algonquin Park - July 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

In Algonquin Park this year, there were a family of loons on Canisbay Lake. My wife and I paddled in close to observe them and then went back to shore. Of course, I had forgotten to bring my camera with … Continue reading


Pals - Toronto - June 2014 © 2014 Jorge. All rights reserved.

It’s always nice to see kids that are great friends. This image was captured at a neighbourhood fun fair where all of the kids were having a great time. I managed to catch these two young ladies and asked their … Continue reading