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DrEye Idea

I composed this image for a class project. We basically had to compose an image and explain what we did and why we did it. I am very proud of this one, as I had put a lot of thought into it. For the full explanation click here. f/4.5 1/125 …

Ducking Prayers

This little girl looked up, not as focused on what the group was doing as her neighbours. It was October of 2002 in Kaua’I in Koke’e State Park. Her eyes speak of the innocence and beauty of youth. f/8 1/250 sec 300mm Why Contact 2006?
The short answer? Youth.

The Prayer

We came across a group of perfomers in Koke’e State Park back in October of 2002. Before they performed their musical ritual, these Hawai’ians engaged in what appeared to be a prayer. The amount of passion that arose from the speaker was inspiring. I wanted to do my best to …

Street Football

It was shortly after the fall of the World Trade Centre that I took this photo. The news of the destruction of the towers circled the globe, pulling with it the dark veil of a sombre mood. However, as humanity tends to do, the lost were mourned, and the world …