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Night Sky Painting

Sometimes the moon can be your friend and sometimes it is not. In this case, it was definitely a perfect sidekick to capture this image. While my target was the stars, the light from the moon and the slow movement of the clouds conspired to make an improvement to what …

The Spirit of Dance

We spend so much time watching shows where people compete that it’s nice to see some cooperation. I loved this moment between these two young dancers – it’s part of the choreography, I’m sure, but the way they are looking at each other is simply too sweet for words.


A fun shoot today at the Koffman Academy of Music and Dance. It’s always entertaining to wrangle a bunch of kids and get them to be serious about posing for photos. Really, it’s almost easier to let them be themselves and catch the magic as they subconsciously fall in line. …


I love fireworks. I love the challenge that they present in terms of capturing them in such a way as to tell a story. There are a number of images in this particular set – but this one is one of my favourites.

Geared Up

I love old machinery. While the intent of artillery is not necessarily friendly, the design of them seems very cool to me. The bigger the cannon, the more interesting the infrastructure that supports it. The contrast of this gear against the skyline really caught my eye.


If you have never been to the High Line, make sure you check it out if you ever visit New York City. It is essentially a linear park built on an elevated railroad spur along the west side of Manhattan. It is an excellent use of an abandoned section of transit, …

Eye In the Sky

There is a green space near my house that is cut off from most of the light sources in the city. It’s a great place to take photos of the sky at night since there is very little interference. To have such an ideal place to shoot allows for some …

Light Show

As part of another project, I would visit events to sample technology and interview creators. While many of these events were pretty snazzy, some were even more glitzy than others. This was an attempt to capture some of the interesting lighting at one of the events that I had attended.


Birthday parties for children have evolved from trips to Mother’s Pizza to all kinds of interesting crafty activities. One of my favourites is The Clay Emporium, where kids can pick out various ceramics to paint, which are eventually fired and cured. It’s a great place that reminds us how creative …

Unlit Lights On

Folks who stay at Bartlett Lodge can check out the Guest Lounge (Isabel’s Cabin) to the right of the main building. Inside, there are books and a number of games to pass the time. While waiting for the early dinner seating one day, I noticed the sun playing off of one of …

Art Imitates Life

I have always loved spiders and their webs. On top of the incredible properties of spider’s silk, the design of the webs is elegant and beautiful. I captured this image at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This one particular angle really highlighted how some …

Natural Frame

I was taking a quick photo of my daughter on a Sunday afternoon when a butterfly touched down in the lilac bush just behind her. It was having a veritable feast and didn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon. Sometimes luck has everything to do with it.