The Green Door

Wandering around Québec City (The Old City) to find good photographic opportunity is like looking for gold in Fort Knox. I wonder if the locals realize how rich a portrait their city paints. The streets embody character. Every turn reveals something new. This door struck my eye on a cold May day in 2005. It looks like it’s taken a beating. Yet, it is still there. I wonder how old it is?

f/5.6 1/60 sec 50mm

Why Contact 2006?
Another shot from Québec reveals my fascination with portals, apparently.
Again, a throwback to Europe, in my opinion. This door, like the yellow door, is showing wear. However, this one has clearly been through a lot more.
In my opinion, some things just feel like they belong in another place, even though they are sitting right in front of me.

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