I composed this image for a class project. We basically had to compose an image and explain what we did and why we did it. I am very proud of this one, as I had put a lot of thought into it.

One of the concepts that was taught in class was that of framing. For this piece, I wanted to illustrate that idea by creating an image with nested frames – a single point framed multiple times. To set up the shot, I used a halogen floor lamp to illuminate a number of white sheets taped to an angled ceiling. This would create a large point of light in the subject’s eye. I also lit the wall behind the subject to even out the contrast. I asked her to hold a slide mount away from her eye, and then I focused on her eye through the slide mount

The result is what you see here: An eye, framed by the inside of a slide mount, which is in turn framed by the outside of the slide mount, which is framed by her fingers.

f/4.5 1/125 sec 250mm