During the beginning of October 2004,  colours up North were spectacular. Canisbay Campground Site 108 had a really nice view of the sky through some trees, and while looking up I noticed this lonely maple. It took a try or two, but I ended up capturing this image (it was windy). It seemed so appropriate. A lone maple leaf, nicely coloured to signal the real change of the seasons.

As Canadians, we identify ourselves with this symbol. It is a part of our culture. It’s on our flags and our beer (two things that we are quite proud of). In fact, this symbol is so powerful that it is recognized around the world as easily as the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes. The great thing about it is that it represents what is best about our country: ever-changing, subtle, beautiful, and all over your back yard (I mean, really: who doesn’t go to a dozen backyard parties every summer in this country?).

There are no people in the photo, no clothes, no synthetic representation of who we are in the world. Just a natural symbol with a natural background. Usually blending in with the background, but standing out when the time is right. Simple, yet beautiful. Our contribution to global culture.

f/5.6 1/250 sec 300mm