May 2005 brought a great opportunity to visit a place I’d never seen before: Old Québec City. We took several walks around the wonderful self-contained town and there were so many wonderful examples of old world architecture. The days that we visited were overcast and windy, not to mention a little cold. This warm door jumped out at me, as did the handle. I couldn’t resist taking a memory away from the experience. And now I can share it with others.

To me, the physical creations of any culture are an indication of what that particular culture may hold dear. This image was captured in old Québec City. I see European influence in the design of the door and the handle. In days past, craftsmanship was of high importance. Artisans would pour their hearts and sweat into their creations, and would hopefully be rewarded with appreciative glances at the very least. Today, in a world filled with mass production, these glimpses into the past should be valued very highly, as they came before computer-aided design and robots. The past is just as important to a culture as the present. Without the past, we would be nothing.

This photo was selected to show a place where we came from. How the culture of Europe found it’s way across an ocean and settled in a small part of another big country.

f/5.6 1/60 sec 300mm