Jorge Figueiredo

Welcome to Figtography! Ever since I was a little kid, I have enjoyed telling stories with images. As I grew older, I learned that I saw things a little differently than those around me, focusing on light, depth and contrasts. That interest bloomed into what you see before you.

I am a Toronto-based photographer who enjoys helping clients tell their stories. I love to work with clients to capture their vision, and provide some additional imagery that has my own personal touch. I am available for portraits and events, as well as other artistic projects. If you wish to see samples of my contracted work, please feel free to check out my portfolio in the galleries, which contain photographs divided into various relevant categories

If you are looking through the blog, note that all photographs are time-stamped with the approximate date upon which they were taken. Feel free to browse by category or by date. You can also perform a search if you have an idea as to what you are looking for. Almost all of the photos in the blog are available for sale, printed on various media (I use particular vendors with proven results).

If you wish to book me, purchase an image or commission a project, please take a trip to my contact page.

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